dinsdag 9 december 2008


Today I read in Etcetera (September 2008 - yes! i am always behind) another article by Lieve Dierckx on Wachet Auf by Alexander Baervoets.

Googleling ahead, a non-descript newspage ... announces Baervoets' new project: DUO RESIDENCIES

"In a series of DUO RESIDENCIES Alexander Baervoets will set up from next season onwards meetings with fellow choreographers, theoreticians and artists from different media. They will each time work in co-authorship towards a product that will be shown at the end of the residence."

#1 was with choreographer Danièle Desnoyers in Montréal, Circuit-Est (October 2008)
#2 was in Tanzfabrik, Potsdam, with researcher Maren Witte (November 2008)

So now we know. Very curious who the next partners in crime will be and what the residing in exchange, research and partnership will bring on the long term ...