vrijdag 13 februari 2009

the unnamable

A beautiful animation film, based on the novel of the same name by Samuel Beckett. By jenny.triggs@blueyonder.co.uk at Daniel Warren TV

In the last weeks of February 2009 dancer Kay Patru, actor Efrem Stein, choreographer Giulia Mureddu and me will continue our research into differences or dialects in body tone and tradition between dancers and actors (or anyone) at danslab in The Hague. We will use short prose texts from Samuel Beckett to get the body going. Walter van der Star will help to translate Beckett. Dr. Wilma Siccama will lecture on the way Beckett's work undermines visual and oral regimes. Architect Joris Berger is invited to develop the design of a stage prop that can function as a third body and as a hide out for the performers. He will visit the research to develop his first ideas.