dinsdag 25 november 2008

International Choreographic Center Amsterdam - EG|PC


In collaboration with Pieter C. Scholten, I wrote a rather unusual text about the work of EG | PC. It considers everything but their artistic work: approach, method, background, plans, extra projects like in education and other ways of exchange, discourse, publishing, follies ... It is what they do, but not neccesarily are regarded for. It was hard work and quiet a fight between us, Pieter and me. Rarely I had such pleasure in accomplishing a text this way, with someone. If this is copy or ghost writing, I wouldn't mind doing it day in day out. An impressive combination of input/output, cutting edge and compromise, a very interesting process. Unheard of, this kind of openness in (Dutch) dance about ambitions and beliefs, 40 pages, people tell me it is really worthwhile reading :) i am proud to mention.

If you contact info@egpc.nl, i am sure they are willing to sent you a copy. It is in Dutch though. Will be translated (and of course rewritten :) later this season.